H.P. Lovecraft

September 4, 2011

Trying my hand at caricature (definitely one of my weak points) with one of my favorite authors, H.P. Lovecraft.

H.P. Lovecraft

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Lovecraft is an interesting subject, both to draw and to study.
On the one hand, it’s difficult to overestimate his influence on modern horror. So many writers, directors, and creators owe a huge debt, overtly or not, to the imagination of Lovecraft. He was a visionary author that created some of the most vivid and enduring concepts of horror in modern fiction.

On the other hand, even for his time, he was a man of despicable views and prejudices, and it makes his writing very difficult to take in a modern context.

Still, he remains a favorite author of mine, and I can’t deny how much of my own creative efforts are in his debt.

I don’t think I’ve quite got the likeness down here, I’m going to keep trying.