Some kind of steampunk gent.

I know Steampunk is about as tired and played as genres get, but I still kinda like the Victorian fashion and all the gears. That probably says weird things about me, but there you go.


2 Responses to Some kind of steampunk gent.

  1. Michael Shaver says:

    I dig steampunk too.

  2. Cil says:

    I immediately want to write a comic story about this guy. D: ❤ That and I have a weakness for dot-eyes, sideburns, and a rockin' waistcoat. There is nothing wrong with a love for gears or Victorian fashion. BRING BACK THE HATS. :[

    Also, bradicle, I have linked you at my wordpress thingo and there is nothing you can do about it. 😀

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